Cheap oil changes

Our automobile engine needs it’s oil changed at least once a year. Oil over time and use breaks down in your engine. It gets darker in color and thinner in consistency, it loses it’s viscosity. When this happens the engines internal parts start to wear. It is hard on rings, bearings, valves, and cams. To save your engine you must get regular oil changes. Jiffy Lube prices are decent rate for the service and checking done to verify if other maintenance is required.

Are cheap oil changes something you do yourself? When you weigh everything a do it yourself oil change is not cheap. You must go get the oil and a filter for your vehicle, hoist the vehicle up in the air, and then do the rest of the work. By the time you are done you might save 5 to 10 dollars for your time and mess.

Cheap oil changes are when you take it in to a specialized shop that is designed to change oil. They either put your car or pickup over a pit or hoist it up. They can get at things real easily and have all tools right there where needed. They have the correct tool for every situation. They have a container to put the used oil in and have new oil and filters on hand. They know what they are doing and make short work out of your oil change.

Is this better then crawling under your vehicle and fighting every step of the process. You could ruin a shirt or your best pair of blue jeans. To me cheap oil changes are done by a professional oil changing company that have everyday experience. They do it in a timely manner and the price is very fair. There work is guaranteed and they take care of all the mess. The best part is you have time to do something that you would enjoy much more.

Oil Change

An oil change is something every engine usually around every ten thousand kilometers traveled. There are many ways you can have your oil changed. This is a process that does not take very long if you are equipped to do it. How do you know you need an oil change?

Oil in an engine breaks down over the course of the cars life,  When this happens it’s protective value is greatly reduced and it starts to damage an engine. This is the time you will have wear in internal moving parts like rings and bearings. When a motor wears it starts to burn oil and this process keeps getting worse. Even if you do not use an engine very much it is a good idea to get the oil changed once a year.

Most new oil is a light brown almost see through in color. When oil wears and breaks down it becomes a lot darker and thinner. You should change your oil before it gets to dark in color or thin like water in consistency. On car and pickup engines it is not a bad idea to change the oil every three thousand miles. A little longer will not hurt but do not get carried away.

You can change your own oil or have a place that specializes in it do it for you. You have to have a safe way of lifting your vehicle to change the oil. You can drive it up on ramps or jack and block it up. Alot of work that does not save you much money. An oil change specialized shop has an easy way to hoist your vehicle to get at everything. They can drain your oil and change the oil filter in a matter of minutes. No mess and no long waits when you have it done. There work is guaranteed and most use quality products. It will save you alot of time on that day off you have when you want to be doing something else. It is important to keep your vehicle healthy in order for it too not break down, you can do this by keeping an eye on it and making sure that you keep it in good running condition. If you want a cheap oil change there is no better solution  than doing it yourself, it just depends on if its something you like doing and if  you have the time to do it.