Reasons to change your car’s oil

It pays to take good care of your car and to check the fluids on a regular basis. One of the most important fluids is your oil. Frequent oil changes are the best way to ensure that your engine will run optimally and have a long life.

Here are five reasons to change your car’s oil on a regular basis:

  1. Oil is a lubricant and protects the engine. But it will break down due to the high operating temperature of the engine. When oil breaks down, it will not be able to do a proper lubrication, which will allow parts of the engine to rub together and wear out. An oil change in West L.A. on a regular basis will prevent this from happening.
  2. Oil will absorb different substances, such as water, dust and byproducts of combustion. But when oil can no longer absorb these substances, which is the case when it needs changing, the engine will be affected by them and will be subject to corrosion as a result. A West L.A. oil change will give the engine fresh oil to work with, and clean oil is always the best.
  3. When it comes to an oil change West L.A. drivers know that fresh oil will keep the engine working efficiently, and dirty oil will only impair the engine. With the amount of driving that L.A. residents do, they need to keep their car’s oil clean and at the appropriate level for the engine to give its most efficient performance.
  4. Your engine will have a shorter life if you do not get frequent oil changes. An oil change is inexpensive, but getting a new engine or parts for your engine is a totally different matter. With a West L.A. oil change performed regularly, your engine will have a long life and will give you better mileage and performance.
  5. An oil change in West L.A. is a relatively simple matter and can be done in a short span of time. If you need to have your engine repaired or replaced, it will be time-consuming and may even involve the need for a rental car if your auto shop cannot do the work right away.

When their cars need an oil change West L.A. residents know how important this simple process is for the life of their engines and the performance of their autos. It would be risky to become complacent or negligent about keeping the oil clean, especially when it is such a simple and inexpensive matter but will do so much good for your car.

With frequent oil changes, you will get long life out of your engine and good performance out of your car.