What does the red oil light mean on a CBR 600rr and CBR 1000rr

If the red light on your CBR 600 or CBR 1000 is on, don’t freak out. A lot of the time it could be a minor issue that’s easy and free to fix. The red light means that your motorcycle’s oil pressure is low. This can result from a number of things including a faulty sensor.
The first thing to check when your oil light is on is your battery cables. Often times the simplest things are the problem. Something as simple as a loose connection can cause your light to go on. If this happens, you might notice the bike lose power and bogging down as the red light comes on. It might either regain power or require you to shut the engine off and restart it.
Another obvious problem is a faulty sensor. It seems electronics are more trouble than they are worth sometimes. Every once in a while the sensor will go bad and throw the oil light on because of it.

An often overlooked issue is your cap being loose. If your cap isn’t on tight, the engine will lose pressure causing the light to pop on. Make sure both your cap and drain plug are tightened. If your motorcycle is leaking oil, it might be your drain plug not being screwed in all the way.

Too much or too little oil can also cause pressure issues. While it’s obvious that not enough oil can cause engine harm, it’s a less obvious fact that too much can also cause harm. If you overfilled your motorcycle passed the top notch on the viewing window, it can cause too much pressure to build. This will damage seals and other parts of the engine and could also cause the light to come on.

Too little will also cause the red light to come on, however, you should never let it get that low.

If all else fails, you should take your bike to the Honda dealer. The oil light is not a suggestion, it’s a warning. Failure to take note of it may result in expensive engine repairs.